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Product Lineup

Give new life to your plants, gardens, trees & lawns by treating your soil with naturally occurring microbes that maximize the photosynthetic process.

Give new life to your plants and the surrounding environment. Activate your plants' full and all-nat


Great for lawns and large gardens. One bottle is the equivalent of 10 standard bottles and connects


Our concentrated formula is the equivalent of 10 of our standard bottles. Activate your plants' full


Nature makes the best scientist

Good science observes nature and replicates the processes that work. Bad science looks at nature as a laboratory and tries to manipulate it. Nature Works is a series of products that bring nature into balance with our everyday lives. We're just getting started. Come on this journey with us and help us continue to work within nature to benefit us all.

Nature Works : Science

We create products that use nature to enhance nature. We observe, then replicate natural occurring processes to create an ideal environment for growth and change.

Always Greener : Photosynthesis

This isn’t fertilizer. There are no chemicals. This is what nature already uses to trigger the photosynthetic process. We’ve isolated the naturally occurring microbes that aid in plant growth to maximize yield.

Always Cleaner : Biodegration

Certain microbes are responsible for the breakdown of waste. They consume bacteria that produce odors and stains. It doesn't cover up odors or kill the germs that create odors. We use nature's own processes to help keep your house clean and smelling fresh.

Naturally Ocurring Microbes

Microbes in the soil ignite the photosynthetic process. Always Greener enhances your soil by placing more of these microbes in your soil.

Soil & Climate Independent

Whatever conditions you're growing in, our microbes help increase your output. With little water, a lot of water and a variety of soil conditions.

Increases Root Growth

Soil science begins with an improved root zone which translates to healthier plants, maximum yield and improved growth efficiency.

Better Food

Larger fruit is not the result of chemicals or fertilizer. The improved soil and roots create naturally stronger plants with less fruit on the ground.


Just spray Always Greener on the soil near the root zone any time you water. It doesn't take much to get these little guys working hard for you.

Enviornmentally Healthy

Not just environmentally neutral, Always Greener actually benefits the surrounding environment. The microbes work as a part of a natural ecosystem.