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Want to know a little more about us? Hopefully this will help get you started.

What's all the fuss?

Nature works. Science has tried for way too long to figure out how to bend nature to fit our own purposes. From the creation of pesticides to genetically modified organisms to detergents and chemicals, we’ve used science to help us solve problems without considering the new problems each solution creates.

Natureworks is part of an ever-expanding culture of innovation and collaboration. For each corporation focused on profit only, there are many other humanitarians using science to clean up the messes others leave behind.

Our products simply mimic what nature already does. We improve plant growth by providing microbes that enhance the photosynthetic process. We help clean your stuff by introducing microbes that enhance the biodegradation process.

We are dedicated to providing products that are not only natural, but are reintroduced into the natural order of things.

Rhodopseudomonas palustris.

What is it good for?

Absolutely everything. Microbes are the building blocks for much of the natural processes we take for granted. And they’re the inspiration and building blocks of Natureworks. From the initiation of the photosynthetic process to biodegration to electrical generation, micro organisms are the catalysts. So learn more about them and about us and you’ll begin to better appreciate the impact our products can have on your household project and on the environment.

Nature is it's own best friend.

We simply observe and replicate.


We believe in creating products that make people's lives better.

Natural Products

We believe synthetic, man-made products that force nature to operate under ``our rules`` create more harm than good.

Open Book Policy

We believe that business should interact with its customers and be transparent and honest.

Nature's Resiliency

We believe that nature contains the power to overcome the damage that pollution and waste have caused and when science works alongside nature, it can heal faster.

Human Impact

We believe that people can create and consume in ways that don't destroy.

Hard Working Products

We believe that people want products that really work, work well and work as hard as they do.

Mircrobes & Plant Growth

You were taught in school how photosynthesis works. Many of us dismissed it as “something we’ll never need in the real world.” But it’s something worth getting reacquainted with. Understanding the role of microbes in the process of plant growth will not only give you more lush vegetation and increased yield. It will also start us on a path of a cleaner environment.

Photosynthesis is the process in which plants use the sun’s energy to transform water, CO2 and minerals into oxygen and organic compounds. What you may not realize is that these microorganisms in the soil provide the spark of life necessary to start and maintain the photosynthetic process. Giving plants more opportunities to generate energy and life is the core of NatureWorks Always Greener formulation.

And with increased microbes in the soil, even the runoff can have a positive net effect on the surrounding area, cleaning up ground and water that was formerly harmed by harsh pesticides and fertilizers.

Microbes for Cleaning

We originally used our microbes for oil remediation. When oil companies have a leak or a spill, use variations of our products to clean it up and bring the surrounding environment back to healthy ecological standards.

We soon discovered these natural microorganisms cleaned much more than oil spills. They’re a significant part of the biodegration process and are responsible for the breakdown of a number of substances and materials.

These same microbes are available now to help clean up your messes and stains. They also eliminate odors, leave the air fresh and handle many of those tough cleaning jobs that we typically use chemicals, soaps and detergents for.

The news gets even better. Because when you use these products to clean up your carpets, your sinks or the oil in your driveway, the microbes continue to work when they’re discorded or washed away. So, instead of putting dangerous chemicals into the environment, you’re replacing it with something that cleans up the messes of others.